Rethink Out of The Box           


mark woltman

Prior to starting Infiniito I have around 35 years of experience in ICT and Finance, in a multitude of roles and positions, mainly as a project and program manager, as operations manager and as an independent entrepreneur.


But the past doesn't say anything about the future. Real business development has way less to do with sales, and much more with energy and enterpreneurship.


I am responsible for international business development and sales, technology consulting, connection services, training and change management.


Our main focus is on technology where we are adding value to your business by using the right technology; with a focus on IIoT, digital twinning, solution provisioning, industrial automation and software development. The application of these solutions is truly global and not bound by a specific time nor place.


Since we are clearly connected and embedded in Vietnam we are also able and interested in working together with companies that want to enter the Vietnamese market or would like to outsource any parts of their manufacturing, production or support process to Vietnam.


Anything we do is result-focused, to the point and delivered as agreed upon.


Currently we work together with partners from Vietnam, Germany, Singapore, the Netherlands and the USA to bring solutions to real life customer issues, for which we use the right and applicable technology.


Join me and my team to get you up and running, finding a right solution to help you grow  whatever you are doing.


I can guarantee a down-to-earth approach, no fluff and an optimal stepping stone into the fascinating solutions we can provide.