Rethink Out of The Box           


Infiniito is a consultancy company, with a main focus on the latest cutting edge technologies, as long as they are applied to the benefit of solving an actual problem of our customers.


Infiniito represents and works together with a number of technology companies, where our main focus is on adding value to your business by using the right technology that provides a solution and does just that.


These currently range from IoT hardware (sensors), IoT for environmental monitoring (both hard- and software), Industrial IoT (software for process automation and process improvement in manufacturing), IoT applications in agriculture and Industrial automation & Digital Twinning.  The application of these solutions is truly global and not bound by a specific time nor place.


Since we are also connected and embedded in Vietnam we are able and interested in working together with companies that want to enter the Vietnamese market or would like to outsource any parts of their manufacturing, production or support process to Vietnam.

This also explains why our main focus can be on the Vietnamese, South East Asian as well as on the European markets at the same time.


Technology is an enabler, not a goal in itself. Our solutions are not looking for problems to solve, they are providing you with a better and more efficient way to do business.


We partner with the best, who provide exactly that. Solutions are looked at holistically, instead of one-to-one, making them applicable in more markets and in various combinations.


We have an experienced and international team of experts and partners, that is firmly embedded locally, but given the  remote technologies can basically cover and work together with and from any area in the world.



What DO we do?

What is it exactly that we do? We advise and work together with our customers to design and implement the best

solution to solve their problem.

Thus our focus is on two pillars, combining products and solutions, without limitations, infinite.

So what you will see below is the status as of now, but it is not a still water.


We are always looking out for partners in- and outside of South East Asia and Europe to join our offering.

Reach out and let's talk!




We design and implement solutions in close cooperation with our customers in a number of interconnected areas:

  • Industrial Automation
  • IioT
  • Digital Twins
  • IoT Sensors
  • Agricultural and Environmental monitoring
  • Process Automation
  • Software development and deployment


To provide solutions we apply the best fit-to purpose technology and have partnerships in:

  • Digital Twinning
  • ML/AI for Agriculture & Process Automation
  • Robotics / Factory Automation
  • IoT hardware
  • IioT for Manufacturing
  • Software development
  • Environmental technology
  • Sustainable Food / Agro


We are transparant about the why, the what and the how of our joint journey and always focus on the solution to a given problem.


We agree on goals and targets upfront and are clear and affordable in our pricing.


Solutions are looked at holistically, instead of one-to-one, making them applicable in more markets.


Curiosity in people, culture and solutions is what drives and develops us.

We are infinite: limitless or endless in space, extent, or size;  subject to no limitation.                                   
That is why we always aim to:

  •      Less Talk, Focus on Results
  •      Rethink Out of the Box
  •      Think in Possibilities, not                  Problems